Larimore Bi-Monthly Prayer Letter (August 15 – October 14, 2014)

In this prayer letter: PRAYER REQUESTS 1)   Writing Projects PRAISES AND ANSWERS TO PRAYERS 1)   Girls’ Book Featured by Sam’s Club 2)   Scott’s New Assignment 3)   The Land In-Between EVENTS OF THE LAST TWO MONTHS EVENTS OF THE NEXT TWO MONTHS RECENT PUBLICATIONS AND INTERVIEWS 1)   Girl’s Book Featured on Focus on the Family Canada […]

Commonsense health activities delay or prevent Alzheimer’s

NBC Nightly News reported, “There is new hope tonight in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.” Among some of the research presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark is a “landmark study” offering “the first concrete proof that some of the things people have been doing to prevent Alzheimer’s may actually work.”

Lack of exercise, rather than overeating, fueling America’s obesity epidemic

The Los Angeles Times “Science Now” blog reports that research published in the American Journal of Medicine “suggests that under-exercising, rather than overeating, may be at the heart of America’s obesity epidemic,” with the data indicating “a strong correlation between the rise in obesity and a striking drop in the amount of time Americans spend […]

Consumers warned about tainted weight loss supplements

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that the FDA has issued a warning to consumers to refrain from using “six different weight loss supplements,” sold by online retailers “because they contain a dangerous drug that was” recalled in 2010. That ingredient, sibutramine, was pulled from the market because of the risk of heart attack and stroke, […]