Poor sleep results in academic failures

USA Today reported in “Voices from Campus” that “a small study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine” found that “the effects of poor sleep can result in academic failures – poor grades, withdrawal from class, etc. – equal to that of students who binge drink or use marijuana.” Related Tags:

America IS something to celebrate

A  Bloomberg poll last year found that just 26% of Americans believe the country is on the right track, while a whopping 66% fell it is on the wrong track. And, according to a Gallup poll of the same vintage, 55% of Americans felt it was likely that today’s children would face a lower standard of living than their parents. […]

Bilingualism protective of aging brain

The Los Angeles Times reports in “Science Now” that according to a study published in the Annals of Neurology, “picking up a new language even a little later in life can have serious cognitive benefits for the aging brain.” Related Tags:

Study says e-cigarette ads target youth

USA Today reports that “as the federal government moves to set rules that would ban the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors,” research published online in Pediatrics “shows that TV ads for the products have increased dramatically during programs most likely to be watched by adolescents and young adults.” Related Tags:

Hospitals, sheriffs point to downside of legal marijuana in Colorado

The New York Times reports that “five months after Colorado became the first state to allow recreational marijuana sales,” some “law enforcement officers … emergency room doctors and legalization opponents increasingly are highlighting a series of recent problems as cautionary lessons for other states flirting with loosening marijuana laws.” Related Tags:

California sees rise in whooping cough cases

The AP reports the state of California has seen a recent uptick in whooping cough cases as health officials expect the increase to continue. The state’s Department of Health has already recorded 2,649 cases for the year, more than the entire total from 2013. Related Tags:

Experts warn about dietary supplement scam artists

Newsday profiles the $30 billion dietary supplement industry, which has “long been held in high esteem by the American public.” Despite “its loyal consumer base,” officials warns that the industry attracts “unscrupulous operators, ex-cons and scammers who push questionable products into the marketplace.” Related Tags: