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Interview: Dr. Walt Says Opportunities Abound To Bring Faith Into Medicine

Here’s an interview with me, from HCJB Global, about my teaching time at a large international medical conference in Quito, Ecuador, last month. Continue reading

Dr. Walt Teaches “Spirituality Plays Key Role” at Annual Medical Conference in Ecuator

Last month Barb and I were privileged to travel to Quito, Equator to participate in a medical mission trip and for me to teach at a large international medical conference. Here’s an article from HCJB Global about my teaching and the conference: Continue reading

Books for those considering the mission field (or praying for missionaries)

My dear friend, John McVay, who is the Chief of Staff at the In His Image Family Medicine Residency and also directs their Medical Missions Program wrote me to say:

I am writing to ask if you would spread the word about the new missions books listed below. The first one I helped put together last spring after ten years of gathering answers.  Perspectives co-editor Steve Hawthorne wrote: “The Ask a Missionary book is like having a dozen missionary friends at your side, coaching you with kindness and clarity. Who knew wisdom could be so encouraging?”

The second book, Where There Was No Church, is by an interagency team that includes an old friend of mine.

And the third book, Operation World, was completely revised recently.

I would add, please forwarding this to others interested in global missions.

1) Ask a Missionary: Time-Tested Answers from Those Who’ve Been There


If you are exploring doing something extraordinary for the glory of God among the nations, Ask a Missionary will give clarity and answers for a journey into missions. Because they have “been there,” over one hundred missionaries from around the world, including Elisabeth Elliot, George Verwer, Phyllis Kilbourn, and Bill Stearns, share their insightful wisdom and practical advice on everything from making the decision to go, to stepping into a new culture, and everything in between.

  • How can I know if God is leading me to become a missionary?
  • How do I select a mission organization?
  • What type of academic or practical training should I consider?
  • How will I be funded?

To order or learn more click here.

2) Where There Was No Church


This book brings together stories that show what God is doing through his people among Muslims, and brings to life fruitful practices that have helped followers of Jesus invite Muslims to follow him, too. The principles illustrated through the stories will also be of value to anyone living among other peoples where there is no church.

Questions for reflection are included with each chapter to help the reader further his or her understanding of the chapter, or to use in group study. According to Dr. J. Dudley Woodberry, noted Islamic scholar and Dean Emeritus of the School of Intercultural Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, “This compilation of true stories is a must read for all who want to learn from the experiences of others. Chapter titles include:

  • Not a Foreign Message
  • Couscous on Sunday
  • Meeting the Savior through the Quran
  • Desperate Enough to Pray
  • The Messiah Is Not a Liar
  • Stoking the Home Fire
  • Uncle, Is It True?

To order or learn more click here.

3) Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation (Completely Updated 2010)


When you hear a country mentioned in the news or in a conversation and you want to more about it and what God is doing there – this book is the definitive global prayer handbook.

With over a million copies of past versions being sold, this all new 7th edition has been completely updated and revised by Jason Mandryk and covers every country in the world, from the largest to the smallest.

Whether you are an intercessor praying behind the scenes for world change, a sender, or an aspiring missionary, Operation World will give you the information necessary to be a vital part in fulfilling God’s passion for the nations:

  • All the countries of the world featured
  • Maps of each country
  • Geographic information
  • People groups within each country
  • Economic information
  • Political information
  • Religious make-up of each country
  • Answers to prayer
  • Challenges for prayer
  • Persecution index

To order or learn more, click here.

For Healthcare Professionals Who Volunteer: You May Not Be Considered a Good Samaritan

As the Medical Director of a clinic for uninsured adults in Colorado Springs — Mission Medical Clinic, a clinic sponsored by over 100 churches and staffed by over 250 volunteers — I’m often asked to speak around the country on our work and our ministry. A not uncommon comment from our volunteers, staff, and healthcare professionals to whom I speak goes something like this: “I guess since I’m volunteering my care, I don’t need professional liability insurance, correct? I mean, after all, don’t the Good Samaritan laws protect me?” In a word, “No.” Continue reading

The Grass Is Not Always Greener: A Look at National Health Care Systems Around the World – Part 3 – Great Britain

In the midst of our national debate about healthcare reform, people on both sides of the debate seem to pick and choose among the facts and myths about the nationalized healthcare available in a number of other countries. The fact is that every nationalized health care system in the world is battling issues of rapidly rising costs and decreasing access to care. But, these systems also have some very attractive benefits. So, let’s take a look at the pro’s and con’s of the system in Great Britain. Continue reading

Christian Doctors Group Warns of New Pro-Suicide Bias in Law and Policy

The Christian Medical Association (CMA), the nation’s largest faith-based organization of physicians, today warned of the potential for pro-suicide ideology to seep into law and government policy. The organization pointed to pro-suicide influence in a controversial Veterans Administration (VA) manual and a section of the main House healthcare overhaul bill.

More Information: Continue reading

Health Myth #10: Preventive Medicine Saves Money

According to a column by Charles Krauthammer, MD, “Obama (touts) prevention as amazingly dual-purpose: ‘It saves lives. It also saves money.’ Reform proponents repeat this like a mantra. Because it seems so intuitive, it has become conventional wisdom. But like most conventional wisdom, it is wrong. Overall, preventive care increases medical costs.” Can this be true?

More Information: Continue reading

Larimore Family Newsletter – June 2009 Edition

Family Update

  • Dr. Walt Named in “Guide to America’s Top Family Doctors”
  • Dr. Walt Finally on Facebook

Publication Update

  • New Title for Dr. Walt’s First Novel: The Gabon Virus
  • Dr. Walt writes chapter for Joe Gibbs’ new book: Game Plan for Life
  • Nice Blog Review of Bryon City Seasons and Bryson City Secrets
  • Nice Blog Review of Alternative Medicine: The Christian Handbook

Broadcast Update

  • Dr. Walt and Barb to be featured on the Focus on the Family Radio Broadcast in July

Events of the last month and Upcoming Events 

More Information: Continue reading

Unchristian – What a new generation really thinks about Christianity … and why it matters

While teaching a “Saline Solution” conference in Denver recently, one of the attendees recommended I read a recently released book: Unchristian — What a new generation really thinks about Christianity … and why it matters. The book is written by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons. Kinnaman is president of The Barna Research Group and Lyons is founder of the Fermi Project, a network of social entrepreneurs working to make positive contributions to culture. In addition to the results of extensive research on the perspectives of church ‘outsiders’ born between 1984 and 2002 (the youngest Busters and the oldest Mosaics), the book includes the reactions from more than two dozen Christian leaders. It explores six broad themes of objections raised by church ‘outsiders.’ Reflection on this information, I believe, has the potential to help us as Christians see ourselves and our faith more clearly.

 More Information: Continue reading

Majority of Docs Believe In Miracles

A new national study among 1,134 physicians revealed that the majority (72%) believe that miracles have occurred in the past and 70% believe that they can occur today. In addition, 69% indicated that religion is a reliable and necessary guide to life. 

More Information: Continue reading

‘Research Miracle’ – Pancreas cells transformed into insulin producing cells

Biologists at Harvard say they’ve transformed one type of fully developed adult cell into another type. They transformed adult pancreas cells into insulin producing cells in mice. Could this be a potential cure for type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes? And, could this be the death knell for embryonic stem cell research?

My Take? Continue reading

John McCain’s wife loves medical mission work

ABC News is reporting that while Americans will be attending church this Sunday, Cindy McCain the woman who could one day be first lady will be walking around a garbage dump, far removed from her comfortable life in Phoenix.

This is the other side of Cindy McCain – not the model-perfect spouse of the candidate who wears pearls and designer clothes. On this side of the world, she wears old hiking boots, puts her hair up in a ponytail and wants to “get to work.” Continue reading

Dr. Walt’s Take on the Health Headlines – June 4, 2008

Here are my takes on some of today’s health headlines.

If Dad is not involved in child care, can we blame the mom?

Here’s one the major news outlets haven’t touched. Continue reading

Final Report from Myanmar Team

Now that a team of courageous family physicians is safely out of Myanmar, I can release to you their report of their trip.

The team of Christian family physicians and other healthcare professionals originated at the only Christian Family Medicine Residency Program in the U.S., the In His Image Residency, out of Tulsa, OK.

Here’s an exciting report from my dear friend, Lawrence Lee, M.D.:

Continue reading

Family Physicians in Earthquake Ravaged China – Report #2

Last week I posted a report from my friend, Chris Place, M.D., from the Hope Medical Clinic is Macao, China, about a team he was leading in the earthquake ravaged area of Chendu, China.

Here are Chris’ sobering diary entries of his experiences there.

Abbreviations are used for security purposes. 

Continue reading

Team of Family Physicians in Myanmar – Report #5

Here is the 5th update on the brave young team of family physicians who crossed the border from Thailand into Myanmar to serve the victims of the cyclone. This message is from the wife of the team leader:

The team has made it safely out of Burma and are in route home. Everyone is doing GREAT! The members will arrive (home) Sunday morning about 7:45 am. Continue reading

Team of Family Physicians in Myanmar – Report #3


Dr. Walt has received another report from a spouse of one of the team members of the Family Physicians from the U.S. that crossed the Thailand border into Myanmar and are providing medical mission work in the devastated delta of Myanmar. 

If you want to send the team a message, through me, please post your note below.

Here’s the note she sent to Dr. Walt: Continue reading

Family Physicians in Earthquake Ravaged China


Dr. Walt went to medical school with a college friend, Keith Morgan. They have been dear friends ever since.

Dr. Morgan and his wife, Cindy, have been serving as medical missionaries in Macao, China, for almost 30 years. Part of their ministry has been setting up a Family Medicine Residency in China, and Dr. Walt had the privilege of teaching there a couple of years ago.

We’ve just received a report from a team from the Macao Family Medicine Residency who are serving in the earthquake ravaged area of China. We hope you’ll keep them in your prayers. Here’s their report: Continue reading

U.S. Family Physicians in Myanmar – Report #2


Dr. Walt has received this report from a spouse of one of the team members of the brave U.S. Family Physicians that have crossed the Thailand border into Myanmar and are providing medical mission work in some of the most devastated areas of Myanmar. By the way, if you want to send them a message, through me, please post your note below.

Here’s the note she had sent to Dr. Walt: Continue reading

Brave Young U.S. Doctors in Myanmar Send Secret Note


Dr. Walt has been made aware of a group of young Christian family medicine physicians and healthcare professionals from the United States who have made their way across the Thailand-Myanmar border to provide emergency medical relief for the victims of the terrible cyclone.

Here’s a note, secretly delivered to Dr. Walt from inside Myanmar: Continue reading