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Study: 20% of body piercings become infected

The Los Angeles Times “Booster Shots” blog reported, “In one of the most comprehensive health examinations of body piercing, researchers have found that the wildly popular fashion statement is relatively safe, although about 20% of piercings become infected,” according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology. Continue reading

CDC study finds more food-borne illness outbreaks caused by raw milk

USA Today reports on a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study, which found that “unpasteurized milk, touted as the ultimate health food by some, is 150 times more likely to cause food-borne illness outbreaks than pasteurized milk and such outbreaks had a hospitalization rate 13 times higher than those involving pasteurized dairy products.” Continue reading

Only SOME zinc supplements have the dose proven to shorten colds

Can zinc supplements shorten colds and reduce the progression of advanced macular degeneration?  “Yes, but not all supplements provide a dosage that has been proven effective.” says Tod Cooperman, M.D., President of Continue reading

Busted: Top five flu myths

‘Tis the season for colder weather, impending family gatherings, holiday preparations … and sick days caused by colds and the flu. Along with flu season comes the age-old bits of wisdom from our grandmothers (and their grandmothers). What’s correct and what’s a myth? Continue reading

Doctors warn against mailing chickenpox items

This was a new one to me. The Los Angeles Times “Booster Shots” blog reports, “Some parents, hoping to avoid giving their kids the chickenpox vaccine, were arranging through Facebook to pay strangers to send them “[licked] lollipops, spit, or other items,” from kids with the illness.” Continue reading

If you don’t vaccinate your kids, should your kids be kept away from school, team sports, and youth groups? I vote “yes”!

I’ve told you in the past that when parents choose to not vaccinate their children, not only are their children at risk, but so are other children in the community. Here’s more proof of that. Continue reading

Those around babies need whooping cough vaccine

The whooping cough vaccine has been a rite of childhood for decades, but rising rates of the disease have health officials urging pregnant women and all adults who will be caring for the baby to step up to the needle as well. Continue reading

Vaccinating younger children for flu reduces doctor visits

The annual flu vaccine is recommended for children six months of age and older. We know that the flu shot not only prevents colds and other infections (like ear infections), but now it has been shown to reduce visits to the emergency room (ER). Continue reading

Probiotics may be an effective remedy for colds

As we head into the cough and cold season, I thought this post might be of interest. Especially since acute upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs or “colds”) are the most common reason people  seek medical care in the U.S. It’s said there are up to one billion colds reported in the U.S. each  year. Now there’s another option for trying to prevent them. Continue reading