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Migraine Headache Prevention with Natural Medicines (LONG POST)

A dear friend who is a family physician wrote me that his wife was having difficult preventing terrible migraine headaches using standard prescriptions. He had heard me give a talk about natural medicines (herbs, vitamins, and supplements) and migraine prevention and wanted that information. I sent him the information below, but hope it will be helpful to many who suffer from migraines and are not getting the help they need from traditional therapies. Continue reading

Regenerating human limbs on demand

CNN in an article titled, “Out on a limb: Pioneering scientists grow monkey arms in the lab,” reports, “In a U.S. laboratory, a monkey arm is stripped down as far as its individual cells. All that’s left behind is a bare, frail scaffold. But that’s not the end of the road for this arm. The scaffold is rebuilt with infusions of cells from another being — be it a monkey, or a human — which grow and transform the limb.” Continue reading

Young people who identify as “goths” more likely to suffer from depression or to self-harm

The Los Angeles Times reported in “Science Now” that “by the time they were 18, Britons who self-identified as ‘goth’ at the age of 15 were three times more likely to be clinically depressed and five times more likely to cut, burn or intentionally inflict injury on themselves than were young people who did not identify with goth subculture.” Continue reading

New book equips you to communicate on controversies

The Freedom2Care blog, in an article titled, “New book encourages and equips people of faith to engage on controversial issues,” writes, “How can we remain true to the core teachings of our faith and winsomely engage others on controversial issues like sex, marriage, abortion, religious freedom, human trafficking and end of life issues?” Continue reading