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Wednesday’s Ask Dr. Walt — Recurrent Ear Infections

Dear Dr. Walt,

My son gets recurrent middle ear infections (acute otitis media). Since ear infections are so common in toddlers and kids, what would you recommend for prevention and treatment? Would you recommend a natural, non-antibiotic treatment or would you go straight the doctor for antibiotics?

—Recurrent Otitis in Ohio Continue reading

An Independence Day Remembrance of My Father – A True Hero

Today many of us will gather with family and friends for barbecues and picnics to celebrate our country’s 241st Independence Day. But, at some point between the hot dogs, hamburgers, and the firecrackers, I hope each of us will take time to reflect on what Independence Day is really about – remembering the sacrifices of our American soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, and guardsman who have given their service (and some their lives) to protect the freedoms so many of us take for granted.  Continue reading