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NOVA Vaccines Documentary to Air today on PBS — Don’t Miss It!

According to AAFP News, “Across the United States and around the world, more children are getting sick and dying from preventable diseases because their parents are misinformed and choose to skip their vaccinations. But a NOVA documentary that will air today at 9 p.m. EDT on PBS (check your local listings) aims to set the record straight and help answer the questions these well-meaning — if misguided — parents bring to family physicians’ offices every day.” Continue reading

Columnist questions value of new colon cancer screening test

In his column in the Los Angeles Times, David Lazarus writes that “Exact Sciences has launched a marketing campaign for its new product, Cologuard, which it hails as ‘the breakthrough test for colon cancer screening that’s as easy as going to the bathroom,’” and “is the first to use a person’s DNA, rather than blood, to spot tumors.” Continue reading

Topical or oral use of essential oils — Do they work?

A missionary friend is one of several readers who have written me recently about essential oils. He writes, ” Dr. Walt, we are discovering more and more of our friends getting into “essential oils” for various ailments.  Have you researched these?  I know that some of the compounds are probably in your alternative medicine handbook, but I wasn’t able to bring that with me here.  Would love to get your quick thoughts on the issue (if you have any).” Well, of course I do:
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Aromatherapy and topical aromatherapy oils — Do they work for anything?

A friend who is a family physician, is one of several readers who have written me recently about aromatherapy. She writes, “Walt, I have more patients who seem interested in ‘aromatherapy’ for various situations.  What can you tell me about it?  I know that you have a chapter on aromatherapy in your alternative medicine book, but if memory serves, that book is getting a bit long in the tooth. Any thoughts you might have on aromatherapy would be helpful.” Well, let me give it my best shot:
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Larimore Family Newsletter – September 2014

Here are the contents of this month’s Family Newsletter:

  1. Listen to me give a lecture, live, on Monday, September 9
  2. Girls’ Book Featured on Dr. James Dobson’s “Family Talk” Radio Program
  3. Girls’ Book Garners a #1 Best Seller Rating
  4. “Morning Glory, Evening Grace” devotional grows nearly 500%
  5. “Grace Prescriptions” being released this month
  6. Bryson City Trilogy touches a physician
  7. Events of the last month
  8. Upcoming Events

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