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Monday Memo — More Good News with Adult Stem Cells for Patients

“Adult stem cells can be obtained without harm to the donor, unlike embryonic stem cells or fetal tissue, and are the true gold standard of stem cells when it comes to successful treatments for patients,” according to David Prentice, PhD. Here’s a blog from him published by CMDA on the recent advances in the benefits of adult stem cells. Continue reading

Monday Memo — How Did Jesus Die?

“Carpe, duh!” you might think. “Everyone knows he was murdered; he was crucified!” And, you’re right. But, once the crucifixion began, what was the actual cause of his death? Many believe, based upon older medical publications, that it was asphyxiation or respiratory insufficiency, and during Easter week across the world this is what many pastors and priests preach. But, are they wrong? Continue reading