Monday Memo – A Publishing Milestone (1000)

General Health
Those of you who write will understand the import of this milestone. This month my 1000th publication saw the light of day. It was a small news item I wrote with my long-time friend, Reg Finger, MD, MPH: "CDC Proposed Expanded HCV Screening." Vaccine News You Can Use. Colorado Family Physician. 2nd Quarter, 2020(Spring);63:26. My first publication was in 1977: Larimore WL. "Friedman curves in undergraduate obstetrical education (Research Paper)." Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Louisiana State University School of Medicine, 1977.My second was in 1984: Larimore WL. "Encounters of a poisonous kind." Nantahala Outdoor Center Newsletter, Fall/Winter, 1984:13.2004 was my “peak year,” with 127 publications. I’ve been honored to have written or co-written thirty-three books (that have sold over 750,000 copies, including several best-sellers (with four more books in various…
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