Wednesday’s Ask Dr. Walt — Rx for international travel

General Health
Dear Dr. Walt, I am a 55-year old lady who will soon be traveling to a developing country, which I do often. The medications in my emergency medication kit have all expired. I have a history of recurrent kidney stones and bee sting allergy. I am otherwise well. My medication kit includes ciprofloxacin, loperamide, oxycodone, and an epinephrine auto-injector (EAI). What do you recommend? Should I just call my doctor for refills? Agnes in Ashtabula. Dear Agnes, I'd recommend a consultation with a travel health professional at a health department or private travel clinic such as Passport Health. Here's a guiding site from the CDC: It's not just an "emergency kit," you want advice on, but it's also checking up on all needed/required vaccines, health alerts, security alerts, etc. A travel…
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