Wednesday’s Ask Dr. Walt — Are”Impossible Burgers” healthy?

General Health
Dear Dr. Walt, I keep reading articles about the fake meats that are popping up in many grocery stores and restaurants. Are they actually healthier than real meat for me and the environment? — Meat Eater in Minnesota Dear Carnivore, For my entire medical career, I have advocated whole healthy foods and encouraged people to eat less meat and choose plant-based proteins. The latest fad in the “vegetarian” and “healthy food” category involves a slew of so-called “plant-based fake meats” that proport to be healthier for people and the planet. Popular meatless hamburgers are sold under such brands as “Impossible Foods” and “Beyond Meat.” Other meatless fake-meat products are showing up all over the country. Qdoba pitches a trademarked “Impossible” protein product “made from plants.” White Castle serves a meatless…
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