Fit over 50 Update — Cut 300 calories daily and live longer

General Health
In my and Phil Bishop’s book, Fit over 50: Make Simple Choices Today for a Healthier, Happier You, we write: Three-quarters of premature cardiovascular deaths and half of premature cancer deaths in the U.S. cold be attributed to lack of adherance to the five low-risk factors ... (one of which is) a high-quality, nutrient-dense diet.Fit over 50, Five Habits to Live Ten Years Longer (or More)! pages 137-138. Order Fo50 Here CNN reported research suggesting “cutting just 300 calories from your daily diet could significantly benefit your cardiovascular health, even if you’re already at a healthy weight.” Researchers found that “during the course of two years, participants in the study who were on a calorie restriction diet lowered their blood pressure and levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol, and saw a 24% drop…
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