“Fit over 50” Endorsements — Dave Erickson & John Mulder, MD

General Health
The endorsements for my newest book are still pouring in. "Fit over 50" was available Tuesday, August 6. You can order it now, here. ORDER HERE “Decline seems to be the only constant now that I’m beyond 60. If left to itself, life diminishes. This book is a grand call to life stewardship. Balanced perspectives from theology and physiology combine to make Fit over 50 a must-read. It shapes new and reachable practices for those intending to find the fullness of life.” Dave Erickson, MA, MM Teaching Pastor, Academy Christian Church Colorado Springs, Colorado “The world needs Fit over 50! It rises above the quagmire of fitness, diet, and self-help books, delivering a thoughtful and accurate description of the most cogent factors that contribute to positive health outcomes. It offers…
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