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  • Fit Over 50
  • Horse Stories: A World War II Hero’s Stories of Savagery, Stallions, and Saving the Lipizzaners
  • New Books
  • Last Month’s Events
  • Upcoming Events
  • Publishing Update – “Fit Over 50”

Dr. Phil Bishopand I have completed all of our edits for our book, “Fit Over 50: Make Simple Choices Today for a Healthier, Happier You.” It’s scheduled for release on August 6. You can learn more about the book and pre-order it here.

We’ve received some wonderful endorsements so far. I wanted to share a few:

One of the best all-around books I’ve ever seen for those of us over 50 who want to improve our all-around health. I’ll be putting many of these tips to action in my life and suggesting my friends and colleagues get a copy of their own.

Pat Williams, Senior Vice President of the NBA’s Orlando Magic

I tend to avoid books that give “self-help” advice—life is too complicated for easy formulas. The more I went through Fit Over 50, however, the more I learned. Drawing on the latest research, the authors have assembled a remarkable list of practical suggestions on how to flourish in every way.

Phillip Yancey, best-selling author of Fearfully and Wonderfully: The Marvel of Bearing God’s Image (with Dr. Paul Brand)

You may have heard the old saying “It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” In “Fit Over 50,” Walt Larimore and Phil Bishop will show you the best way to have both.

Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

Walt Larimore is one of those unique physicians who somehow manages to blend both great scientific and technical know-how with incredible empathy and a winsome bedside manner. Who doesn’t yearn for that when visiting their doctor? So, in this very practical and engaging book, I’m assured of sound medical advice but also delivered in a compelling and useful way that makes me want to listen and learn. Add to that his theological depth of reflection and concern for the whole person—body and soul—and “Fit after 50” becomes required reading for all of us as we prepare for our final third season of life. It’s just good stewardship!

Scott Bolinder, Executive Director, Institute for Bible Reading

In “Fit Over 50”, Drs. Larimore and Dr. Bishop show you’re not here by accident. You were designed; you have a purpose. Their research, knowledge and practical advice will help you embrace God’s gift of life.

Chris Fabry, best-selling author, and host of Chris Fabry Live
Preorder at .

  • Publishing Update – “Horse Stories: A World War II Hero’s Stories of Savagery, Stallions, and Saving the Lipizzaners”

My agent completed looking over my revised WWII story manuscript about my dad’s amazing exploits in the war. He wrote, “Wow. Truly … Fantastic. I WILL sell this puppy!” He sent out a proposal the very next day to a bunch of publishers, writing:

If my author was not so painstakingly honest and thorough in his research, the book I’d like you to consider could likely be considered too good to be true. “War Horses: A World War II Hero’s Stories of Savagery, Stallions, and Saving the Lipizzaner’s” is a completed manuscript that delivers from start to finish. 

Visualize “Unbroken” meets “Seabiscuit,” or “Band of Brothers” meets “War Horse.” This book describes the unbelievable true journey of an irascible boy eventually tamed by the Army (and some amazing horses) into a front-line officer—the youngest in World War II. The author incorporates eyewitness accounts of extraordinary soldiers and the horses with which they train and fight—the human and equine “war horses” of the European Theater. Included are previously untold accounts of a top-secret mission in which our protagonist, one of the youngest and most decorated junior officers of the war, finds the threatened world-famous Lipizzaner’s, as well as an exquisite champion Thoroughbred that he would rescue and that would later save him after he received a series of devasting war wounds. It’s redemptive
tale of evil overcome by hope.

This is an epic story of daring, defiance, persistence, ingenuity, and the ferocious will of an amazing young man whose character blossomed during savage struggles and inspiring interactions with many “war horses”—both human and equine. It is the story of the author’s father, Philip B. Larimore. The book took more than ten years to research. It’s truly one of those stories that must be told.

The 90,000-word manuscript is complete and in the final stages of editing. I understand the title is the nearly the same as a movie, but don’t let a working title hold you back from giving this a look. I rank this story alongside two other New York Times bestsellers I’ve represented: “A HIGHER CALL” and “ALL THE GALLANT MEN.” May I send you the proposal/chapters for your review?

Greg Johnson, Founder and President of WordServe Literary Agency

He immediately began fielding inquiries from publishers, two of whom have asked to review the entire manuscript. Prayers for publication would be greatly appreciated.

  • Publishing Update – Three New Books

I also have other exciting news on the writing front. Cindy Lambert, the editor for several of my books when I was writing for Zondervan, is offering me a three-book deal with her new publisher Baker/Revell. 

Two of the books will be tentatively titled, “Tales of a Country Doctor” and will contain stories from my 16 years of practice in Kissimmee (1985-2001). 

The third book is tentatively titled, “Natural Medications for Common Conditions.”

The “Tales” books will be published in the Fall of 2020 and the Fall of 2021, while the “Natural Medicines” book is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2021. 

So, I’ll be a busy boy with writing projects. I love to write and am so blessed to have the opportunity. 

  • Today’s Christian Living “Ask Dr. Walt” column

I enjoy being able to answer questions from the readers of Today’s Christian Living magazine in my “Ask Dr. Walt” column. Here are the Q&A’s from the January 2019 issue that I forgot to post in than month’s newsletter. You can click on any you’re interested reading. I hope you’ll consider getting a subscription:

  1. Give an Ear to Ear Wax Advice
    1. My son and his fiancé have gone vegan and are very into this. They tell me that God doesn’t want us to kill animals and that vegan people live longer, healthier lives. I study God’s Word and don’t see any place where He tells us to not kill and eat animals. Also, I don’t believe that vegans necessarily live longer. Can you please weigh in on this subject for me? — Very Concerned in Vermont
  2. CBD
    1. I saw your column on topical CBD for joint pain. What about oral or sublingual CBD? I have friends who are using it for anxiety and pain, and a child in our church no longer has seizures on it. What do you think? — Considering Marijuana in Michigan 
  3. Better Vision or a Scam?
    1. The “Outback Vision Protocol” is being touted all across the Internet as a nutritional treatment for restoring eyesight to 20/20. The information I have found online points to it being a scam. Your thoughts? — Nervous in Nebraska
  4. Paint Thinner in My Cereal?
    1. Trisodium phosphate (TSP) is apparently listed as an ingredient in some foods, including some of my favorite cereals. Isn’t this chemical found in paint strippers, and if so, why is it used in food? And why does the FDA allow it to be used? — Angry in Arizona

  • Last Month’s Events
  1. Feb 8: I attended my first meeting as a member of the International Board of Directors of Morning Star Development in Colorado Springs. It was a good meeting and is a great organization. I’m so happy to be able to come on board with them (pun intended).
  2. Feb 15-17: Barb and I spent a wonderful, wonderful weekend speaking five times at the Christian Surgeons Fellowship in Indianapolis. A wonderful mix or retired, academic, private practice, missionary, and young (students and residents) surgeons, including a couple of Ob-Gyns greeted us warmly. What a great group of folks. It was a special time for us.

  • Upcoming Events
  1. Mar 7-9: For my birthday, my dear friend, Bill Peel, DMin, and I will be teaching a Grace Prescriptions Conference in Birmingham, AL, to the faculty, staff, and residents from two Family Medicine Residency programs. Should be a ton of fun.

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You can get more information on many of our upcoming events here.

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