Wednesday’s Ask Dr. Walt — Bone Broth Protein

Dear Dr. Walt,

Lately I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of bone broth protein supplements. Is this really better than other types of protein?

—Building Stronger Muscles in North Dakota

Dear Consommé Consumer,

Extra protein can help athletes build muscle and can assist older people in preventing or reversing age-related loss of muscle and strength — especially when used in conjunction with resistance-type exercise.

Protein products vary based upon the source of protein. Bone broth protein is a source that is typically produced by dehydrating bone broth derived from chicken or beef bones.

Commercial products are widely promoted via infomercials and the Internet as having an amazing range of benefits, from reducing inflammation and wrinkles, to boosting and improving your mood, and even boosting your immune system.

However, there are no published clinical studies demonstrating these effects in real people taking these bone broth supplements.

Furthermore, there is evidence that chicken bone broth can at times be contaminated with lead, as lead is known to accumulate in bone.

So, I’m not a fan.

My recommendation is usually whey protein, as it is considered by many nutritionists to be “a complete protein” and is rather quickly digested.

By the way, vegans prefer protein from plant sources such as soy, pea, or rice protein.

Dr. Walt

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Ask Dr. Walt — Bone Broth Protein

  • Dear Dr. Walt Larimore,
    I just read your article about protein, bone broth, whey, soy, rice, etc. . . .
    This question may be a bit off topic but I really need some advice on this. My son and his fiance´ have gone Vegan approx. 11 months ago. They are 30 &
    27 years old and are very into this. They pressure me (age 60) to follow suit, but I don’t care to. I am a commited Christian, they are not. They tell me that God doesn’t want us to kill the animals and that Vegan people live longer, healthier lives. I study God’s word and do not see any place where He tells us to not kill and eat animals. Also, I do not believe that vegans necessarily live longer. Anyway, can you please weigh-in on this subject for me? Thank you for your help in this matter. May God bless you. Sincerely, in Christ – L. J. Hadaway / Mpls., MN

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