Monthly Family Update – February 2018

Here are the contents of this month’s newsletter:

  1. World War 2 Book
  2. Last Month’s Events
  3. Upcoming Events

1) World War 2 Book

After 12 years of labor, reading over 300 books and referencing 150 newspaper articles, 250 magazine and journal articles, and utilizing over 300 Web sites, not to mention spending weeks researching at the World War 2 Museums in New Orleans and Paris, France, the National Archives in Washington, the Infantry Museum at Fort Benning, and the Army Heritage and Educational Center in Carlisle, PA, I’ve finished the book about my dad’s World War 2 exploits fighting on the Southern “Forgotten” Front from Anzio to Germany at the end of the war. Monday I turned the draft over to my agent and have released it to scores of reviewers to examine it for historical accuracy. Once it’s “spoofed up” a bit, it will hopefully be ready for the agent to shop it to potential publishers. Still a long way to go before it’s in print, if that ever happens, but my hope and pray is that it will make a bunch of men whose exploits have been forgotten become unforgettable in the public’s eye.

2) Last Month’s Events

  • I spent the whole month laboring on the final draft of the book, taking time for only one short trip …
  • Jan 10-15, I attended an AMA RUC meeting in San Diego, CA. This may be my last year on the RUC. Having attended since 1992, it’s about time.

3) Upcoming Events

5) Past Issues of our family newsletter

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