Monday Memo — Have you struggled with your weight again and again?

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Have you struggled with your weight again and again? Do you seem to gain back every pound you lose? If so—there is hope. Not a “magic pill” hype, but a science-based explanation for “why” this keeps happening…and hope for freedom from your struggle.

For over twenty years, I’ve both known and worked with J. Scott Ries, MD. I admire he and his family greatly. And, I though you’d want to know that he’s releasing his iFactor Solution Video Series this week … and it’s fantastic. 

He is making it available for FREE for just a couple of weeks, and if losing weight or taking steps away from diabetes is your goal—I’d recommend that you check it out.

I’ve actually gone through Dr. Ries’ 6-week iFactor course, and can highly recommend it also. On Thursday, the full iFactor Course (the 8-week program that I actually took) will be open for people to join. 

In this dynamic series, Dr. Ries says he will lead you to:

  • Discover the 3 words that change everything about weight loss
  • Understand why your past efforts at weight loss have failed
  • Recognize the signals your body is already sending you about your iFactor 
  • Learn the four, critical lab tests you must know for successful weight loss
  • Choose the next steps in your journey to transform your health
  • And much more…

But this FREE video series is only going to be available for a little while, so I’d encourage you to take a look today!

Also, if you’re looking for a book to help you and your family deal with the obesity epidemic, consider my best-selling book, SuperSized Kids: How to protect your child from the obesity threat.