Monthly Archives: March 2017

Monday Memo — How to Tell the Difference Between “News” and “Advocacy”

You may, like me, have become increasingly aware of stories in newspapers and journals, as well as on the radio and television, from supposed “objective” writers that are nothing more than editorial advocacy … and no where close to true journalism. Recently D. Joy Riley, MD, MA (Ethics) wrote and informative blog on the topic that I thought you might enjoy. Continue reading

Monday Memo — There are a few openings left for Barb and Walt’s Marriage Weekend in Colorado Springs

There are still a few openings for my and Barb’s Marriage Conference. It will be held Friday evening, April 21, and Saturday, April 22, in Colorado Springs at the Academy Christian Church. Registration is limited and opens today. There’s information on how to register here and more details on the conference below. We hope to see you there.

Continue reading