Wednesday’s Ask Dr. Walt — With an Egg Allergy, Do I Whine or Wine?

Dear Dr. Walt,

I’m allergic to eggs. I know that wines are often clarified using egg whites. Should I avoid these wines? How can I determine if a wine was filtered using a different method?

—Imbiber in Indiana

Dear Ova Evader,

I love questions that I don’t know the answer to. So, I contacted the experts at The Wine Spectator and they say this in their Ask Dr. Vinny column:

Wines are clarified using a range of substances known collectively as fining agents. Egg whites and albumin (a protein derived from eggs or milk) are commonly used fining agents.

People who follow a vegan lifestyle will often seek out wines that have been fined using bentonite, a clay-based compound.

However, if the fining process is executed properly, most finished wines will contain no trace of these materials.

Nevertheless, if your allergy is severe and there’s any question about whether or not a wine might contain trace elements of a substance that could trigger a reaction, you can seek out wines that are made without them, but you’ll likely need to do a little homework.

Several vegan-friendly organizations maintain lists of wines that have been fined without the use of any animal byproducts.

You can also call up any winery’s tasting room or customer service department and just ask!

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