Study: Preschoolers not getting sufficient exercise

USA Today reports that according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics, “preschoolers only get about 48 minutes of exercise a day, although some studies suggest they should get at least two hours.” For the study, “researchers went into 10 preschools in the Seattle area and tracked kids’ activities across the day for a total of 50 days.” In addition, “nearly 100 children…wore devices to follow their activity levels.”

TIME reports that after documenting the kids’ activities, investigators “found that they were only exercising 12% of the time.”

To make children “more active, some health experts advocate combining academic activities in the classroom with exercise.”

Currently, “according to the CDC, nearly 18% of children ages six to 11 are obese, compared to 7% in 1980.”

After-school dance programs may not help kids meet CDC activity guidelines.

The Los Angeles Times “Science Now” blog reports that just eight percent of children “enrolled in after-school dance programs got enough exercise during class to meet” CDC “guidelines for moderate-to-vigorous physical activity,” according to a study published in Pediatrics.

TIME reports that “type of dance” did matter, however, at least for younger children. “Hip-hop was the most active kind of dance, with 57% of class time being devoted to moderate-to-vigorous physical activity.” Jazz was next, “followed by partnered class, tap, salsa and finally ballet, where 30% of class is spent in moderate-to-vigorous activity.”

In teens, however, “dance forms were much more similar in terms of the exercise they provided,” and ballet matched “hip-hop in intensity.”

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