Healthy activities protect aging eyes

The New York Times “Well” blog reports that according to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, “physical activity” may be protective of aging eyes.

Working with mice, researchers found that animals that did not exercise but that were exposed to extremely bright light ended up developing macular degeneration.

Also, “mice that had exercised before being exposed to the light retained about twice as many functioning retinal neurons as the sedentary animals; in addition, those cells were more responsive to normal light than the surviving retinal neurons in the unexercised mice.”

Meanwhile, HealthDay reports that according to another study recently appearing in the journal Ophthalmology, “regular exercise and occasional drinking may be good for your eyes.”

After analyzing “data collected from nearly 5,000 Wisconsin adults, aged 43 to 84, from 1988 to 2013,” researchers found that “people who got regular exercise were 58 percent less likely to develop vision problems than those who were inactive.”

The study also revealed that people who drank occasionally had a 49 percent decreased likelihood of developing eye problems than people who did not drink at all.

Visual impairment was more likely to be seen in people who smoke and drank heavily.

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