Women do not recognize major warning signs of stroke

The Huffington Post reports that research presented at an American Heart Association scientific sessions meeting and published online in Stroke suggests that “many women would not be able to identify the signs of a stroke.”

More than 1,200 “women in the US” were surveyed. The NPR “Shots” blog reports that although “84 percent of all women knew to call 911 if they thought they were having a stroke, just 51 percent recognized sudden weakness or numbness of the face or limb as harbingers of” a stroke.

Meanwhile, the researchers found that “less than half identified loss of speech as a sign, and even fewer — a little under a quarter of the women — recognized sudden severe headaches, unexplained dizziness or loss of vision as stroke symptoms.”

HealthDay reports that the investigators found that “twenty-five percent of Hispanic women did not know any stroke signs, compared to 18 percent for whites and 19 percent for black women.”

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