Health tips for international travel

Long-time readers know that I have a bi-monthly column in the Significant Living Magazine. My article for the April-May issue is on “Health Tips for International Travel.” The article also has a side bar on “Preventing Travelers Diarrhea.” You can read the article here. If you like the digital version, let me encourage you to sign up for a subscription.

2 thoughts on “Health tips for international travel

  • Fannie Wiggins

    I will be traveling to Okinawa, Japan later this year to visit my daughter Margaret. I really appreciate this article as I have never traveled outside the USA before. I am wondering if there are any medications that cannot be taken out of the U.S such as narcotic pain meds? Where can I obtain this info?
    I enjoy your posts very much. I have obtained a wealth of helpful information from them. Thank you for posting as I would have no idea where to go for some of the information you give.
    Have a Blessed week.

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