Study: E-cigarette use not tied to greater rates of smoking cessation

The Washington Post “Wonkblog” reports that a research letter published in “JAMA Internal Medicine found that use of e-cigarettes was not associated with ‘greater rates of quitting cigarettes or reduced cigarette consumption’ after one year.” The study “authors reached the conclusion based on self-reported data from 949 smokers, which included 88 who used e-cigarettes.”

The Los Angeles Times “Science Now” blog reports that “researchers from the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education and the Department of Medicine at” the University of California-San Francisco “noted that e-cigarettes are ‘aggressively promoted as smoking cessation aids.’”

But, given the findings of the study, “‘regulations should prohibit advertising, claiming or suggesting that e-cigarettes are effective smoking cessation devices until claims are supported by scientific evidence,’ the researchers … wrote.”

Still, the Boston Globe points out that the study’s “small sample size makes it difficult to draw firm conclusions, admits study leader Dr. Pamela Ling, an associate professor of medicine at” UCSF.

Newsday points out that “earlier this month,” researchers “found in a study of thousands of youths that the addictive nicotine in e-cigs may lure teens to more potent sources of the substance.”

According to MedPage Today, an accompanying editorial written by JAMA Internal Medicine editor Mitchell Katz, MD, “further advocated FDA regulation” of e-cigarettes “as drug-delivery devices.”

MedPage Today added that the FDA “has regulations in the works that are expected to generally bring the same kind of restrictions to e-cigarettes as to other tobacco products.” Some of the data for the study came from National Cancer Institute-funded research.

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