The abortifacient effect of the birth control pill

When one is led to write, and has the privilege of being published, one is not usually aware of the breadth and depth of impact one can have. Recently I became aware of an article in the Celebrate Life Magazine titled “A Pharmacist’s Journey to the Truth,” in which my writing and research played a role.

The abstract of the article says:

Devastated after learning that hormonal contraceptives can end the lives of already-conceived babies, pharmacist Michael Kelly had an agonizing, life-changing decision to make. On his knees, he cried out to God, “What should I do, Lord?” God answered. And Michael had a faith so strong that he did as God asked. He walked away from his lucrative, decades-long career as a pharmacist, even though it was his only significant means of support.

The part of the article that gave me much gratitude and pleasure was this:

Michael (began) to embark on his own studies to better understand how oral contraceptives work. One evening, after questions about contraception began arising in his mind, he checked every oral contraceptive in the pharmacy, took out the package inserts, and began reading. He found that every single one had postfertilization effects listed. 

Michael then started digging deeper to learn all he could about the subject. The research was tedious. “It was really hard to find information about the postfertilization effects,” he said. Most of the material he found on the Internet praised contraceptives …

Michael recalled, “One of the first things that made me sit up and take notice was a document from Dr. Walter Larimore, ‘Postfertilization Effects of Oral Contraceptives and Their Relationship to Informed Consent.’”

Dr. Larimore’s research—originally undertaken to prove that postfertilization effects cannot cause unknown loss of already-conceived preborn babies—resulted in diametrically opposite findings, and ultimately led to Dr. Larimore’s decision to cease prescribing the pill for his patients.

“I discovered so much evidence about postfertilization effects in reading that document [that] there was now no question in my mind that they play a role,” Michael said. “I was shocked … and I thought, ‘What does this mean to my faith? How much of my entire career was about aborting who knows how many babies?’”

Oh, that more who prescribe or take oral birth control pills would evaluate the evidence for themselves. It’s not an easy subject to study by any means, but terribly important. You can read the entire article here.

In addition, here are some of my blogs on the topic:

2 thoughts on “The abortifacient effect of the birth control pill

  • Allison

    Thank you, Dr. Walt! Michael Kelly’s story is amazing. I too refer to your groundbreaking article on postfertilization effects frequently when teaching people about this critical issue. God bless you and Mr. Kelly for your courage in proclaiming the truth!

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