How a vacation can be dangerous for your health

There’s nothing like getting away on a vacation. Now, R & R allows you to get away from your cares, but you shouldn’t leave your health behind too. According to at least one study, a vacation could land you in the emergency room.

Researchers studied those who suffered a heart attack while on vacation. They found heart attacks were twice as likely in those who took their vacation by car—and ten times more likely if they stayed in a tent.

Now, I’m not trying to discourage taking vacations, because most studies show the benefits far outweigh the risks. In fact, I consider vacations, especially family vacations and camping, a form of preventive medicine.

However, if you have high blood pressure or other risk factors for heart disease, you may want to consider flying or taking a train, plus choosing more comfortable accommodations. Take a vacation that is safe for you. 


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