Don’t nix your baby’s naps

A mom asked me, “My toddler’s naps keep me from getting stuff done during the afternoon. Is skipping them a big deal?” Well, don’t lose sleep if your child misses an occasional nap. That said, lots of evidence points to keeping them—especially for preschoolers.

Regular naps help kids stay rested, emotionally adjusted, and simply function better. If you’ve ever been around a three year old who hasn’t had a nap—enough said. Napping may even help kids learn better, boosting cognitive performance.

Of course, busy schedules can make naptime a challenge. And busy toddlers don’t often want to sleep. One idea is to teach children to have “room time” in the afternoon, where they play by themselves in their bedroom. Many times, they’ll end up in their bed, once the activity around them slows down.

Yes, life gets busy—especially for moms. But because of the benefits, I don’t think you should nix the nap.


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