Larimore Family Newsletter – April 2014

Here are the contents of this month’s Family Newsletter:

  1. My newest book, The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book, is available
  2. Listen to my interview on Connecting Faith
  3. Girls’ book featured by iMOM
  4. The abortifacient effect of the birth control pill
  5. Health tips for international travel
  6. When Children Die Because They’re Overweight
  7. Events of the last month
  8. Upcoming Events

1) My newest book, The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book, is available

The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book: Not-so-silly questions about your body is getting great reviews on the various Internet bookstore websites. If you know a young lady heading toward or through puberty, I hope you’ll consider getting a copy for her and her family! You can read reviews of the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or CBD. And, you can order autographed copies here.

Ultimate Girls Body Book Smallest

2) Listen to my interview on Connecting Faith

This week I was interviewed by Neil Stavem on his nationally-syndicated radio show, Connecting Faith, about The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book. You can listen to the interview here. Below is some information about the interview from the Connecting Faith website.

Physician and author Dr. Walt Larimore has just released his latest helpful resource called The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book, coming after last year’s release of The Ultimate Guys’ Body Book. We talk with Dr. Larimore about the questions both girls and boys have about their bodies and how parents can be better prepared to help their kids grow through adolescence. Dr. Larimore has ready answers to your family health concerns, and he and Neil unpack a number of topics:

  • Body image and the media – Dr. Larimore strongly urges parents – keep media out of your kids’ bedrooms! No television, computer, smart phone, or other “unguarded” media. He references studies that show the damage that can occur when technology invades a person’s sleep space.
  • Childhood obesity – half of all overweight teenagers are already pre-diabetic. Dr. Larimore says he’s seen a drastic increase in the number of young children with heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes due to being overweight.
  • The importance of sleep – the less sleep we have, the more we eat. Dr. Larimore points to two hormones in the human body that increase and decrease in proportion to how many hours of sleep we get per night. Increasing our sleep by even 15 minutes a night makes a significant difference!
  • Carbonated water and its effects on health
  • Bone density
  • How to talk with your child about sexuality and gender differences

3) Girls’ book featured by iMOM

I love the ministry of iMOM and am pleased to be on their panel of experts. This week I was honored and grateful to be featured in one of their daily email Espresso Minutes about The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book. You can read the feature here. Below is information from the iMOM website.

There’s nothing like a little puberty talk to put an awkward silence into a conversation between a mom and child!  That’s why we love a great new book by iMOM friend and medical expert Dr. Walt Larimore.  It’s called The Ultimate Girls’ Body Book: Not-So-Silly Questions.  What makes it great is that it has answers to questions your daughter just might not be comfortable asking you.

So from the book, here are an expert’s tips about talking to your kids about puberty, specifically how to put her at ease about what’s happening to her body.  It’s a wonderful example of the type of information the book gives, and shows the caring way it’s conveyed.

If you have a son, check out The Ultimate Guys’ Body Book, also by Dr. Walt Larimore.  It gives young men the information they need about puberty and sex, but might be too embarrassed to ask.

4) The abortifacient effect of the birth control pill

When one is led to write, and has the privilege of being published, one is not usually aware of the breadth and depth of impact one can have. Recently I became aware of an article in the Celebrate Life Magazine titled “A Pharmacist’s Journey to the Truth.”

The abstract of the article says:

Devastated after learning that hormonal contraceptives can end the lives of already-conceived babies, pharmacist Michael Kelly had an agonizing, life-changing decision to make. On his knees, he cried out to God, “What should I do, Lord?” God answered. And Michael had a faith so strong that he did as God asked. He walked away from his lucrative, decades-long career as a pharmacist, even though it was his only significant means of support.

The part of the article that gave me much gratitude and pleasure was this:

Michael (began) to embark on his own studies to better understand how oral contraceptives work. One evening, after questions about contraception began arising in his mind, he checked every oral contraceptive in the pharmacy, took out the package inserts, and began reading. He found that every single one had postfertilization effects listed. 

Michael then started digging deeper to learn all he could about the subject. The research was tedious. “It was really hard to find information about the postfertilization effects,” he said. Most of the material he found on the Internet praised contraceptives …

Michael recalled, “One of the first things that made me sit up and take notice was a document from Dr. Walter Larimore, ‘Postfertilization Effects of Oral Contraceptives and Their Relationship to Informed Consent.’”

Dr. Larimore’s research—originally undertaken to prove that postfertilization effects cannot cause unknown loss of already-conceived preborn babies—resulted in diametrically opposite findings, and ultimately led to Dr. Larimore’s decision to cease prescribing the pill for his patients.

“I discovered so much evidence about postfertilization effects in reading that document [that] there was now no question in my mind that they play a role,” Michael said. “I was shocked … and I thought, ‘What does this mean to my faith? How much of my entire career was about aborting who knows how many babies?’”

Oh that more who prescribe or take oral birth control pills would evaluate the evidence for themselves. It’s not an easy subject to study by any means, but terribly important. You can read the entire article here. In addition, here are some of my blogs on the topic:

5) Health tips for international travel

Long-time readers know that I have a bi-monthly column in the Significant Living Magazine. My article for the April-May issue is on “Health Tips for International Travel.” The article also has a side bar on “Preventing Travelers Diarrhea.” You can read the article here. If you like the digital version, let me encourage you to sign up for a subscription.

6) When Children Die Because They’re Overweight

I have an article in the January issue of Charisma Magazine entitled, “When Children Die Because They’re Overweight.” You can read the article here. The abstract to the article says, “To develop good health and nutrition practices, children and young people need responsible adult examples.” I hope the article will be helpful to you and your family.

7) Events of the last month

  • Mar 6, I presented Grand Rounds at Penrose Hospital in Colorado Springs on the topic of “Updates for Calcium and Vitamin D Supplementation.” The event was well attended and the information seemed well received.
  • Mar 10-15, I served as a visiting professor at the In His Image Family Medicine Residency in Tulsa, OK. I’m always blessed by my wonderful interactions with these marvelous young residents.
  • Mar 20, I was honored and privileged to be in the studio at Focus on the Family, with my friends Jim Daly and John Fuller, recording a program on the new Girls’ book. In future newsletters, I’ll let you know when they plan to air the interview.
  • Mar 21-24, Barb and I were back in the Atlanta area to visit with the “Decatur Larimores,” while I attend a one-day medical meeting. We’re always looking for opportunities to get to the Atlanta area and see the kids and grans. We had a great visit and are already missing them all.

8) Upcoming Events

  • Apr 9-15, Barb and I will take some down time to visit her sister in New Orleans and enjoy the French Quarter Festival. We’re looking forward to the food, fellowship with family and friends, and great music.
  • Apr 22-27, Barb and I will be in Chicago where I will be attending an AMA RUC meeting. We always enjoy our time in downtown Chicago.

9) Past Issues of our family newsletter

You can get more information on many of our upcoming events here.

4 thoughts on “Larimore Family Newsletter – April 2014

  • Tim

    Hey Dr.Larimore,

    Thanks for bringing up the abortifacient potentials of birth control pills. My question is that how many abortions have possibly occurred through the use of abortifacient contraceptives?

  • In my article (which you can read here), Dr. Stanford and I conclude, “However, we could identify few data that would assist in quantifying these postfertilization effects. It seems likely that for perfect use of COCs, postfertilization mechanisms would be likely to have a small but not negligible role. For POPs, COCs with lower doses of estrogen, and imperfect use of any OCs, postfertilization effects are likely to have an increased role.”

    In other words, although the evidence is that the birth control pill has a post fertilization (or, to me, abortifacient) effect at least some of the time, there’s no way to say how often or how many.

    It’s kinda like Russian roulette (you keep pulling the trigger and someone’s going to die), only we don’t know how many barrels or bullets are in the gun.

    Hope this helps.


  • Tim Thompson

    Thanks Walt,

    for the reply. I actually live in the Lancaster,Pennsylvania area where one of the plantiffs name Conestoga Wood is located and are in a court case against the HHS Mandate. There are hero to me because they say in there complaint “They object to covering any contraception with an abortifacient effect.” I think your article is important during this HHS mandate debate.

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