Outbursts of anger may trigger cardiovascular events

CNN reports on its “The Chart” blog that research published in the European Heart Journal indicated that individuals “who experienced severe anger outbursts were more at risk for cardiovascular events in the two hours following the outbursts compared to those who remained calm.”

HealthDay reports that investigators “analyzed the findings of nine studies conducted between 1966 and 2013 that included more than 4,500 cases of heart attack, 462 cases of acute coronary syndrome…more than 800 cases of stroke and more than 300 cases of heart rhythm problems.”

The investigators found that “within two hours of an angry outburst, a person’s risk of heart attack or acute coronary syndrome increased nearly five-fold, their risk of stroke rose nearly four-fold and their risk of a dangerous heart rhythm disorder called ventricular arrhythmia also rose.”

The data indicated that “the risk was highest among people who got angry more often and had existing risk factors such as prior heart problems.”

MedPage Today reports that while “relatively few studies have explored the link between short bouts of anger and cardiovascular events in the hours immediately following the outburst, the evidence is consistent in showing a direct relationship, according to” the researchers.

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