I Can’t Sleep!

Feeling awake and alert is a great thing—unless it’s the middle of the night. Insomnia gets most of the attention when it comes to sleep problems, but many of my patients complain about waking up throughout the night, restlessness or trouble falling back to sleep. Here’s what I tell them.

First—put your electronics to sleep. The temptation to check Facebook or emails in bed is too big, plus light from phones and tablets fools your brain into thinking its daytime.

Then, focus on your kitchen. Some of the worst enemies of sleep live there. Stay away from caffeine later in the day. Be wary of eating large meals or spicy foods late at night, and watch your alcohol intake. All of these are invitations to restlessness.

And if you haven’t already, use a fan or a white noise machine.

Here’s wishing you “good luck” with your “good night.”


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