The Irrationality of the Anti-Vaccine Zealots

According to Online Masters in Public Health, “Thanks in part to a debunked study linking vaccines and autism, many parents are refusing to have their children vaccinated against common disease. As the number of children inoculated against serious diseases falls, the risk to public health increases.” You can see the very impressive data and graphics here.

The group points out, “It’s been a few generations since diseases like polio affected thousands of children every year. Maybe we’ve forgotten the immensely positive effect vaccination programs had on public health.”

Online MPH reports, “The 3 million deaths prevented every year thanks to vaccines should be enough to convince you, but if not, consider:

  • Vaccines prevent 10.5 million cases of infectious diseases each year.
  • Most vaccines given to children are 90%-99% effective against preventing the disease.
  • The benefits far outweigh the risks; a few people getting side effects is worth eradicating an infectious disease.
  • “Herd immunity” can only be achieved when 75%-94% of a population are immunized. Those electing not to be hurt the entire group.

The popular belief that vaccinations cause autism in children is false and not backed by scientific research.


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