Which diet is the best?

Here’s a question I get asked a lot: “Which diet is the best to lose weight?” There’s a lot to weigh out when it comes to diets, mainly because there is a buffet of approaches and opinions. And frankly, many are bad ones. But is there a “best one”?

Of those showing merit, a high protein, low carb diet works for many. While studies involving the Mediterranean and DASH diets have also shown good results. And now research shows eating vegan or vegetarian helps obese patients lose more weight than those on a diet including meat. Deciding what to do can leave you with information indigestion. But which one is best?

US News & World Report released its fourth annual Best Diets and the judging panel “deemed the DASH diet the best overall, as it outscored most other plans in its healthiness and likelihood to ward off diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.”

So what’s the best diet for YOU to use to lose weight? One that you develop with a registered dietician, so that it meets your needs. And remember, good nutrition needs to be balanced with regular exercise and good sleep. That’s a winning—and slimming—combination for weight loss.


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