Laundry and Dishwasher Pod Dangers

Laundry packs are a hot trend when it comes to doing that weekly wash. They’re concentrated, convenient, effective, and … are easy to eat. Now, that last part isn’t exactly a benefit, but unfortunately it’s happening in many homes with young children, with hazardous results.

Nearly ten thousand children were exposed to single dose laundry packs in 2012, and poison experts are worried. The pods look like candy to small children, and they can easily swallow them, bite them, or get the product into their eyes. In fact, I just spoke to a friend whose grandson was taken to the hospital after eating one.

Dishwasher tablets can pose the same hazards too, so it’s worth cleaning house on these cleaning products—at least to the extent that they’re kept out of reach, in a childproof cabinet. Your load of wash shouldn’t come with a load of concerns.

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