FDA looking into health risks of caramel coloring in Pepsi

Significant coverage was given to a study by Consumer Reports on 4-MeI levels in caramel coloring in Pepsi and other soft drinks, highlighting the link between the compound and cancer in animals.

NBC Nightly News reported that the study found “Pepsi One sold in California exceeded” the level allowed by the state, with a similar finding in sodas in New York. NBC noted that the FDA “has no reason to believe that 4-MeI … poses a health risk to consumers,” according to a statement from the agency.

However, according to the AP, the FDA “is taking another look just to make sure.” Said spokeswoman Juli Putnam, “These efforts will inform the FDA’s safety analysis and will help the agency determine what, if any, regulatory action needs to be taken.”

In its coverage, ABC World News featured a statement from PepsiCo spokeswoman Aurora Gonzalez, who said, “All our products are in full compliance with the law.”

ABC News chief medical editor Dr. Richard Besser added that consumers “would need to drink more than a thousand cans of soda every day” to absorb as much of the compound as the mice who developed cancer, and noted that he was not concerned.

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