Exposure to mild cold temperatures helps people lose weight

On its website, NBC News reports that research published in Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism suggests “that exposure to mild cold temperatures – around 64 to 66 degrees – can help you lose weight.” The researchers “hypothesize that setting the thermostat to a cooler temperature will make our bodies work harder to warm themselves – which means more calories burned.”

On its website, FOX News reports that investigators “studied a group of 17 subjects living in climate-controlled respiration chambers heated to 59 F for 6 hours a day.” The researchers found that “after 10 days, participants saw an increase in ‘healthy’ brown fat, felt more comfortable and shivered less compared” when the study started.

The NPR “Shots” blog points out that “brown fat contains a lot of heat-generating mitochondria, the power plants of cells.” If a person’s “body needs to raise the temperature, brown fat burns up calories to get the job done.”

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