Study: People who enjoy life maintain their ability to take care of themselves

The Los Angeles Times  “Science Now” blog reports that research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal suggests that individuals “who enjoy life maintain their ability to take care of themselves, and they walk faster than those who rate their lives as less enjoyable.”

The research “included 3,199 people 60 and older who are part of a long-term British study.”

HealthDay reports that during “the eight years of the study, only 4 percent of people who enjoyed life the most – those in the top third of the total sample – developed problems physically handling day-to-day activities … said” one of the researchers. However, “that number shot up to 17 percent among those who showed the least enjoyment – the people in the bottom third.”

Additionally, “greater life satisfaction at the study’s start was…associated with slower decline in walking speed, the researchers added.”

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