Puzzled by Pedometers

A listener asked, “Is a pedometer a good investment or just another gadget that wastes money?”

I think pedometers are great—especially for people just beginning to exercise, or those who want to add a little accountability to their program.

And here’s why—a pedometer measures how many steps you take a day, then converts that to miles walked. Some track a lot more, including calories burned. Research shows pedometer users spend much more time being active—and less time sitting around. Studies show they also have lower body mass and better overall health.

Pedometers are generally inexpensive, easy to use, and help you set and track your fitness goals. Just do your research to make sure you buy one that’s proven accurate.

Don’t be puzzled by pedometers. They’re gadgets that do good, and may keep you a step ahead with your fitness goals.


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