Study: Sex qualifies as “moderate exercise”

An article in the New York Times “Well” blog discusses “the issue of sex as exercise.”

According to the article:

The issue of sex as exercise … has remained largely unexplored. “There are these myths,” including that sex burns at least 100 calories per session, said Antony D. Karelis, a professor of exercise science at the University of Quebec at Montreal who undertook a study, published in PLOS One, to look at how much energy is actually exerted during sex. “But nobody had tested” those assumptions.

One of the researchers “said, that sex qualified as ‘moderate exercise,’ a 6-MET activity for men and 5.6-MET activity for women,” which is “the equivalent, according to various estimates, of playing doubles tennis or walking uphill.”

The article concludes, “Over all, the data reveal that ‘sex can be considered, at times, a significant exercise,’ Karelis said, worth encouraging in people who otherwise balk at working out. Ninety-eight percent of Karelis’s volunteers reported that sex felt more fun than jogging. The other 2 percent, I suspect, will be back in the dating market soon.”

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