Patient Rights

A patient asked me, “With all of the changes in the healthcare system, do we still have any rights left?” Well, there are a lot of changes. But one thing isn’t changing—you have a long list of rights—that you have a right to know about, to help you and your doctor work together better.  

For instance, you have the right to receive courteous and civil care—and you have a right to go elsewhere if you don’t receive that. And you also have a right to receive care that respects your social, emotional, relational, and spiritual beliefs.

Your doctor should also fully inform you of your diagnosis, treatment options, and prognosis … plus, fully inform you of treatment risks, benefits, and costs.

I could go on, but I think I’ve answered this question with a resounding “Yes” when it comes to your rights. Policies or politics should never take these away.


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