Busting Fractures

A slip on a frozen driveway, a trip from a hole in the lawn—what happens when you take a fall? If you’re young, you probably just get back up. But as people age—particularly women—the risk for fractures significantly increases.

The reason? Osteoporosis, which occurs as bones thin and weaken. Unfortunately, one study found almost thirty percent of women over sixty-five could have osteoporosis and not even know it. However, you can detect and treat osteoporosis before it’s too late.

Women at age sixty-five are encouraged to receive regular screenings for the condition. And those who have high risk factors including lower weight or menopause should start when younger.

To brush up on your bone strength, talk to your doctor—especially about calcium and vitamin D supplements. Also, ask your doctor when you should be screened for osteoporosis. It’s a simple painless test—and that simple step could take the fracture out of a fall.


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