How obese people can reduce heart disease, stroke risk

USA Today reports that a major international study published in the Lancet suggests that “overweight and obese people could slash their increased risk of heart disease by half and their increased risk of stroke by three quarters by controlling their blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.” The study is said to be “the largest so far to make the case that people who weigh too much can do themselves a lot of good by getting those risk factors under control through lifestyle changes and medication, even if they fail to lose weight.”

Meanwhile, USA Today notes that “new guidelines for physicians, just released by the Obesity Society, American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology, urge them to treat obesity just as aggressively as any other ailment.”

The Los Angeles Times reports that “the study was conducted by an international consortium of researchers led by Harvard University’s School of Public Health.”

According to the Times, “In this massive collection of studies, being overweight was associated with a 26% increased risk of heart attack and a 13% increased risk of stroke. This finding appeared to contradict studies suggesting that those with a body mass index between 25 and 30 bear no greater risk of heart attack or stroke than those with BMIs bellow 25.”

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