The Goods on Greek Yogurt

A listener asked me, “Is Greek Yogurt really a big deal? It’s showing up everywhere.”

Well, Greek yogurt is a big trend. And overall, the hype has some merit. But there is some Greek mythology you need to be aware of.

Greek yogurt can have the same active yogurt cultures and calcium benefits of regular yogurt, is often thicker and creamier, may have less sugar and calories—plus significantly higher protein per serving.

However, you have to read the labels. Nutritional content varies widely. Some Greek yogurts have added sugars that can pack on calories, while some contain unnecessary thickening ingredients and may not have more protein.

If you want to be safe, buy plain Greek yogurt after you’ve read the label, and add a small amount of honey or fresh fruit.  It’s worth buying into the hype, as long as you’re buying right.


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