Kids with concussions may need short break from school

The New York Times “Well” blog reported that at its annual conference as well as online in the journal Pediatrics, “the American Academy of Pediatrics issued recommendations for ‘return to learn’ checklists to alert doctors, school administrators and parents to potential cognitive and academic challenges to students who have suffered concussions.”

The Time “Healthland” blog reported that even though kids “may appear to be physically normal after having a concussion, they may actually have trouble learning new information and retaining it.” Returning to school too quickly “may exacerbate these symptoms.”

The guidelines recommend that children with particularly severe symptoms may need to stay home from school. Previous research has shown that it may take up to three weeks before a child is fully recovered from a concussion.

MedPage Today reports that youngsters and teens with concussions “should receive help returning to academia in order to avoid making symptoms worse, and their recovery should be a team effort among healthcare professionals, school officials, and family members.”

The guidelines’ authors “warned that using a concussed brain to learn can have adverse effects on concussion symptoms or prolong recovery.”

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