Virginia governor signs bill requiring ultrasounds for women seeking abortions

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell recently signed a bill making abdominal ultrasounds mandatory for women seeking abortions.

The AP reports, “The bill signed into law was part of a wave of conservative legislation that had perennially failed in the General Assembly until Republicans gained control of both the House and Senate in the 2011 elections. The uproar focused national ridicule on the proposal and also on Republican politicians in Virginia.”

The Los Angeles Times quotes McDonnell, who said, “As difficult as an abortion decision is, the information provided by ultrasounds, along with other information given by the doctor pursuant to current law and prevailing medical practice, can help the mother make a fully informed decision.”

I’ve gotta agree with the LA Times on this one.

One thought on “Virginia governor signs bill requiring ultrasounds for women seeking abortions

  • Judy Wilkerson

    PTL. We need more caring voices bringing this message to women who are inconveniently pregnant and who deserve all the information available before making a life altering decision.
    We applaud you, Dr. Walt.
    Your friends in Bonita Springs FL
    Judy and Bill Wilkerson.

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