Can cocoa products reduce blood pressure or heart disease?

Alternative Medicine, Health Headlines, Nutritional Health
CocoaVia and Cirku are new supplements used for high blood pressure and cardiovascular health according to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database (NMCD). These products are flavored powders that can be added to a beverage. Each packet contains a cocoa extract providing 350 mg of cocoa flavanols. Those selling the supplements say they may reduce heart disease, but do they? (more…)
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Cholesterol-lowering foods beat low fat diet

General Health, Heart Health, Nutritional Health
A dietary intervention study of cholesterol-lowering foods with either two or seven counseling sessions significantly lowered LDL cholesterol (the lethal or bad cholesterol) compared with a control diet emphasizing reduced saturated fat consumption. The results between the groups receiving two versus seven counseling sessions were not significantly different. The bottom line? Cholesterol lowering foods are more highly healthy than a low fat diet. (more…)
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Healthy living really does postpone mortality

Cancer, General Health, Heart Health
A major study is reporting that people who practiced four low-risk behaviors are 63% less likely to die (during the stydy period) than those who kept none of those practices. The researchers found that ALL four of these low-risk behaviors were individually associated with a reduction in death and that the higher number of behaviors practiced, the lower the risk of death. So, what were they? (more…)
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Cartoon characters prod kids to nag for unhealthy foods

Children's Health, Nutritional Health, Obesity, Parenting
If you're a parent, you've no doubt heard plaintive wails from your child as you traverse the treat-filled aisles of the grocery store. And, you may have wondered, what makes even preschoolers yearn so desperately for the character-shaped marshmallow cereal? Or the prepackaged frozen meal in the brightly colored box? Now, new research suggests one culprit: those cutesy cartoon characters used to sell foods in TV ads. (more…)
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