New guidelines for sunscreen

Cancer, Skin Health
The Food and Drug Administration’s long-awaited announcement of significant changes to sunscreen labeling was widely reported both by television and print media. The changes will empower us, as consumers, to make better decisions in choosing a product to prevent sun damage as well as reduce overall confusion about sunscreens. From now on, the gold standard is broad-spectrum protection. (more…)
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Is the birth control pill an abortifacient?

General Health
A "pro-life advocate from the Philippines," who has quoted my research on the "post-fertilization" (abortifacient) effect of the birth control pill (BCP) in one of the most printed pro-life flyers in his country and also mentioned my research in a letter to the editor in the most read newspaper in the Philippines, was recently challenged by the Guttmacher Institute and sent me this question: (more…)
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