Moderate exercise delays age-related memory decline

Mental Health
Studies show, and my experience with my patients concurs, that people, as they age, fear memory loss, in general, and Alzheimer's, in particular, even more than cancer. To date, there's been little that's been shown to be effective to prevent age-related memory decline ... that is until now. To prevent the loss, you'll need to get off your butt and begin exercising. Here are the details: (more…)
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What to do with the two vitamin D guidelines?

Nutritional Health
As we've discussed in a number of past blogs, many adults are deficient in vitamin D, placing them at elevated risk for fracture, frequent falls, and a slew of other medical problems including several types of cancer. But what is the ideal way to prevent this deficiency? And does the method used matter in terms of health outcomes? As I've mentioned in the past Osteoporosis Canada recently reviewed these issues and offers bold new recommendations for vitamin D supplementation. But their recommendations are quite different from those offered by the Institute of Medicine. (more…)
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