Americans have nothing to fear from Japan’s nuclear crisis — or don’t go buy potassium iodide tablets today

General Health, Health Headlines
I've been sent a number of email notes from physicians in the U.S. advising their friends and patients to immediately buy potassium iodine tablets in case the radiation from Japan should be carried across the jet stream to the United States. I'm with the large number of experts saying that would be a waste of time and money. (more…)
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Power Balance admits no science behind wristbands

Alternative Medicine, Mental Health
In a past blog, A Skeptical Look at Power Balance Products, I told you that I felt the Power Balance bracelet, that many of you were writing me about, was a marketing gimmick and a soon-to-be-passing fad. Shaquille O'Neal (a fellow LSU grad) disagrees with me. He swears by them. The Power Balance bracelet, he says, gives him a competitive edge on the court. It's no gimmick, he says. It's for real. But, of course, he's paid a whopping lot of money to say that. (more…)
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