Are full-body airport scanners safe?

Cancer, General Health
Air travel has not been the same since September 11, 2001, when 3 commercial airplanes were hijacked and transformed into lethal weapons. Air passengers have since become accustomed to increased security, but the latest attempt to detect would-be terrorists has been mired in controversy. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has begun to ramp up the deployment of whole-body backscatter scanners at security checkpoints in airports across the United States. These scanners deliver narrow, low-density x-ray beams over the entire person, front and back. The radiation is delivered at high speed and reflects off the body and presumably on objects that may be hidden on the person; the aim is to detect any hidden weapons or explosive devices. However, despite assurances from the TSA and the US Food and Drug Administration…
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Taking small breaks from sitting may help heart and metabolic health

Heart Health
Does lunch in front of a computer make us eat more? Two of my recent blogs warned of sitting too long in front of a computer at work: Does lunch in front of a computer make us eat more? Computer time may be linked to increased heart risks Now Bloomberg News reports that "taking small breaks from sitting down such as standing for phone calls or walking to see colleagues may trim office workers' waistlines and help their heart and metabolic health." (more…)
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