Do Breast-Fed Baby Boys Grow Into Better Students?

Children's Health, Parenting
Children nursed at least six months outscored peers at age 10, a new study has found.  Adding to reports that breast-feeding boosts brain health, this new study finds that infants breast-fed for six months or longer, especially boys, do considerably better in school at age 10 compared to bottle-fed tots. Here are the details from HealthDay News: ''Breast-feeding should be promoted for both boys and girls for its positive benefits," said study leader Wendy Oddy, a researcher at the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research in Perth, Australia. For the study, published online Dec. 20 in Pediatrics, she and her colleagues looked at the academic scores at age 10 of more than a thousand children whose mothers had enrolled in an ongoing study in western Australia. After adjusting for such factors as…
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Obama Pushes to Rescind Conscience Rights For Pro-Life Doctors

Bioethics, Medical Economics
A national organization of Christian doctors is strongly concerned about the Obama administration’s effort to rescind conscience protections the Bush administration put in place for medical professionals. The regulations provide additional protections and support for those doctors and nurses who don’t want to be involved in abortions and may face pressure from medical institutions receiving federal funds. Here are the details from Documents the Obama administration filed in November and December have Obama administration attorneys admitting the administration wants to finalize a rescission of the conscience rules but has been delayed because of other business — likely due to the HHS working on implementing the provisions of the ObamaCare law. That greatly concerns Jonathan Imbody, the Vice President for Government Relations at the Christian Medical Association. “When the Obama administration…
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