8 Reasons Sex Is Better After 50 (or, “You can have the greatest sex life on earth”)

Marriage and Family Health, Men's Health, Mental Health, Woman's Health
I think one of the best ministry activities in which Barb and I have worked together during our 37 years of marriage and 53 years of friendship, is our book His Brain, Her Brain: How divinely designed differences can strengthen your marriage. (signed copies for gifts are available here). The topic of sex in the marriage relationship is one that is so critical to the health of the marriage, that we spent two (yes, count 'em, two) chapters on the topic. So, to our readers who agree, and who are near or past that half-centrury mark, we thought you might find this article by Amanda Gardner that was posted on Health.com to be both an encouragement and helpful: Sex after menopause? Some experts will tell you it’s a downhill ride of waning…
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Gum Disease Treatment Recommended During Pregnancy

Woman's Health
One of the joys for me in being a family physician is the honor I have had to attend the births of over 1500 of my patients. There's nothing quite like the experience (indeed, the miracle) of a birth. And, arriving at a safe and healthy birth involves a lot of prenatal prayer and excellent care. As part of my prenatal care, I've emphasized to women the critical value of brushing and flossing. Most of my patients did not know: (1) gum disease can be prevented, (2) gum disease can be safely treated during pregnancy, and (3) preventing or treating gum disease in pregnancy significantly reduces the risk of premature birth associated with periodontal disease. Here' s the latest article on the the most recent study looking at treating gum…
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For Healthcare Professionals Who Volunteer: You May Not Be Considered a Good Samaritan

Bioethics, Medical Economics, Medical Missions
As the Medical Director of a clinic for uninsured adults in Colorado Springs -- Mission Medical Clinic, a clinic sponsored by over 100 churches and staffed by over 250 volunteers -- I'm often asked to speak around the country on our work and our ministry. A not uncommon comment from our volunteers, staff, and healthcare professionals to whom I speak goes something like this: "I guess since I'm volunteering my care, I don't need professional liability insurance, correct? I mean, after all, don't the Good Samaritan laws protect me?" In a word, "No." (more…)
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