For Anastasha – A New Blog

Bioethics, Children's Health, Marriage and Family Health, Mental Health, Parenting
This will be, for reasons that will be obvious in a moment, my last blog about little Anastasha, who touched so very, very many people during her short life. Let me allow her daddy, family physician Craig DeLisi, to explain: November 4, 2010 It has been nine days since our precious Anastasha was born and went to be with Jesus, and five days since we laid her sweet body in the ground. The days that have followed have been filled with tremendous grief, but also with joy and peace. Anastasha's birth was an amazing experience. The Lord answered so many specific prayers regarding the labor and delivery itself: to be on Tonya's birthday, that Tonya could deliver naturally, that our OB would be in town, that she would be 6 cm dilated…
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Yoga: Should Christians Be Concerned?

Alternative Medicine, Mental Health
Yoga is an alternative therapy that raises difficult questions for Christians. The physical and breathing exercises taught in yoga classes may improve general well-being. However, as a deeply religious practice with the goal of union with the divine, it is antitheti- cal to biblical Christianity. In spite of its reputation as a simple calisthen- ics program, reports of physical and spiritual harm continue to surface. A debate between Christian practitioners and opponents of yoga was triggered by Holly Robaina’s 2005 article in Today’s Christian Woman. The author interviewed a woman who was introduced to destructive beliefs through yoga. Ro- baina noted that terms commonly used in “secu- lar” yoga have religious meanings. The “salute to the sun” posture used to begin many classes pays homage to the Hindu sun god,…
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Southern Baptist Leader on Yoga: Not Christianity

General Health
Southern Baptist Seminary President, Al Mohler, is saying that seeking spirituality through yoga is NOT the Christian way. In fact, he's calling for Christians to avoid yoga and its spiritual attachments. As you can imagine, he is getting plenty of pushback from enthusiasts who defend the ancient practice. By the way, in my and Dr. Donal O'Mathuna's book, Alternative Medicine: The Christian Handbook, we have an entire chapter on yoga. In another blog, I'll tell you what we concluded. In the meantime, here are the details of Dr. Mohler's view from the Associated Press: Southern Baptist Seminary President Albert Mohler says the stretching and meditative discipline (of yoga) derived from Eastern religions is not a Christian pathway to God. Mohler said he objects to "the idea that the body is a vehicle…
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