Three Meals A Day May Beat ‘Mini-meals’ For Weight Loss

Nutritional Health, Obesity
Sitting down to eat a real meal three times a day may be a better strategy for weight loss than grazing on several smaller "mini-meals," new research shows. Here are the details in a report from Reuters Health: Overweight and obese men on low-calorie, high-protein diets felt more satisfied and less hungry when they ate three times a day compared to when they ate six times a day, Dr. Heather J. Leidy and colleagues from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, found. "There's a lot of lay press about eating frequency," Leidy, who is now at The University of Missouri in Columbia, told Reuters Health. While there's a widespread perception that it's better to eat little meals more often, she added, "these mini-meals everyone is talking about don't seem to…
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Does The Morning-After-Pill, ‘Ella,’ Cause Abortions? It Depends Upon Your Definition of Abortion!

Bioethics, Children's Health, Woman's Health
Long-time readers of this blog know of the difficulties surrounding the labeling of a hormonal birth control medicine as an abortifacient. The crux of the issue is that if you define pregnancy as beginning when the unborn human implants in the uterus after his or her several day journey down the fallopian tube after conception/fertilization, then anything that kills the unborn human in the tube or prevents implantation is, by definition, NOT abortifacient. If, however, you define pregnancy as beginning at conception/fertilzation (and there are debates about which term pro-life folks should use -- see my blog on the topic here) then any chemical that kills the unborn human in the tube or prevents implantation is, by definition, IS abortifacient. That's why I use the term "post-fertilization effect." To those…
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Microbiologist: Hundreds of Studies Reported to Confirm Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

Bioethics, Cancer, Woman's Health
A microbiologist says there are so many published studies confirming the link between induced abortion and breast cancer that he plans to publish one every day on his blog until he's mentioned them all. It will take Dr. Gerard Nadal so many weeks to cover them all, the blogging will continue until early next year. Here are the details from a report from Dr. Gerard Nadal, who has a has a PhD in Molecular Microbiology from St John's University in New York, has spent 16 years teaching science, most recently at Manhattan College. He will report on one abortion-breast cancer study daily until he has exhausted all of the abortion-breast cancer studies and he anticipates he may be reporting on these studies as late as January or February of 2011.…
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